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18-Meter National Championships - Finally

The American flag is flying high at Seminole-Lake tonight since 2 out of the 3 podium spots were won by Americans.  More about that later.  Richard Kellerman’s weather brief was very encouraging but we did get a lot of rain yesterday.  The CD originally set an Assigned Task of 269 miles which seemed very doable until the sniffers launched.  After 20 minutes the first sniffer was on the ground and the other had started an engine.  After an hour everyone was on the ground and John Godfrey wisely changed the task to a 3 hour TAT.  The sniffers were sent airborne again into predominantly blue skies.  It took about another 20 minutes to get good enough lift to start the general launch.  Soon pilots were reporting climbs of over 5 knots to 5,000 feet.  The task was opened and it was a blazing start over the first 2 legs.  Cloud bases were climbing to 7,000 feet and 8 knot thermals weree reported.  Then we headed back to the gliderport where the lift was significantly weaker.  The next leg gave more pilots trouble and speeds were starting to slip.  A good thermal appeared on this leg which allowed late starters to catch up.  The leg to Norton and the final glide home saw speeds climb again.  Ken Sorenson flew a superb flight of over 80 mph to take the day win.  Dave Springford and Gary Ittner also flew great flights finishing in second and third.  The Canadians do have a good lead in the overall competition with only 70 points separating the top three of Sergei, Jerzy and Dave.  The top 7 American pilots are only separated by less than 100 points so it is still anyone’s race.  Gary Ittner is in a familiar spot leading the American contingent just 200 points behind Sergei.  The CD gave us a heads up that the grid will be at 11:00am tomorrow, so we can expect a long day in the cockpit.  With 3 days to go lots of fireworks are expected. 

Well after all the ships were put to bed everyone returned to the DG Hangar to enjoy another great rib dinner from the Oakwood Grill.  Jane Rosenbolum again provided live music.  Jane is a local Seminole-Lake glider pilot who is also a phenomenal guitar player.  You could tell that we have been flying a lot when the hangar was cleared out very soon after the dinner was done.  I hope the trackers worked better today.  We will get a report from the crews tomorrow on what their experience using the Airtribune website was like.  One thing we would like to see is a scoreboard which would rank speed made good during the task to get a better idea who is in what place during the race.  That’s all for tonight.  Talk with you tomorrow!


Posted: 5/7/2018


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