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18-Meter National Championships - Wash Out

It is offical, the day was cancelled due to weather.  John Godfrey called a sensible task in the area our weather guru said was the best.  Soon as the early launchers got airbourne, it was clear the bad weather was moving in quicker than  expected.  Everyone returned to earth and most got their ships put away dry before the rains came.  Richard Kellerman , when questioned about tomorrow's weather quoted Exodus 20:10 that basically stats the Sunday is the sabbath and you should do no work.  And so it is written, we cancelled tomorrow also due to the front pushing thru Florida from the southeast.  Starting Monday we will back to our old weather pattern of 6,000 foot bases and 6 knot thermals.  

Tonight we are celibrating Cinco de Mayo over at Shawn and Connie's.  I have to leave to help set up so we will try and get a run down of the past 4 days on the race site report page.  See you tomorrow and I hope you will have a great evening.  I know we will.

Rich Owen

Posted: 5/5/2018


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