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18-Meter National Championships - Oh Canada

Well ladies and gentelmen, the weather for todays race was a carbon copy of yesterday.  Pilots were seeing climbs of 4-6knots up to almost 6,000ft.  For those of you out west that may not seem very high but here in Florida, thats about right for May.  We may see higher bases and stronger lift soon.  Our four tow planes managed by Chief Tow Pilot Ray Smith got the fleet off the ground in about 30 minutes.  Everyone climbed to cloudbase right away and the task was opened.  John Godfrey sent us on a Turn Area Task of 214 miles  nominal and a max of 286 miles.  Cu was present thoughout the task area and good runs were put together by most.  Everyone also suffered at some point during the task.  Sergei Morozov showed us the form he exhibited in this years Sailplane Grand Prix by stealing the day at a speed of 79 mph.  Jerzey Szemplinski and Dave Springford again finished second and third marking another sweep of the podium by the Canadians.  Dennis Linnekin volunteered to sing "Oh Canada" if this continues.  A host of Americans are still making a charge.  Robin Clark turned in a great performance with Bob Fletcher, Sean Fidler, Ken Sorenson, and Gary Ittner right behind the Canadians.  Tomorrow's weather is forecasted to be good again and the CD has moved up the pilots meeting and launch expecting a much longer task.  Wish you all could be here but we are happy you are keeping track of your fellow club members and friends.  I'll try and get an early morning report after the task is handed out.  Until then, stay high, fly fast, and come home safe!

Rich Owen

Posted: 5/2/2018


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