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18-Meter National Championships - It's Off to the Races Folks

Today was a great day to fly.  Richard Kellerman's forecast told of 5-6 thousand foot cloud bases and good lift thoughout the day.  Our CD, John Godfrey selected a racing task of 218 miles in the western section of our racing area.  The grid was launched at 12:30pm and the gate was soon open.  Sergi Morozov of Canada started very early and that was the key to success for the day.  He covered the task in 2 hours 58 minutes for a speed of nearly 76mph, 3mph faster than the competition.  Jerzy Szemplinski and Dave Springford rounded out the top three making it a clean sweep of the podium by Canada for day 1.  Fear not my fellow Americans, there is a lot of racing left to go!  The big risk takers who start last and try to catch the pack were disappointed today.  As the day closed out it turned into survival for the last few racers on the course.  There were several engine starts and a landout in a new Toyota car dearlership near the last turnpoint.  Everyone is safe and we are enjoying a nice Italian dinner and some more of Gary Ittner's famous craft brews.  Wednesday looks like more of the same weather.  Go to Airtribune.com or the SSA tracking site to watch the race.  More to come race fans.

Posted: 5/2/2018


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