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Region 5 North - Still Batting Zero..No Tasks...No Scores

At the morning pilot briefing, today was labeled Groundhog Day (after the movie): it was predicted to be an unwelcome replay of yesterday, with blue skies, too much wind and not enough lift.  And so it proved – the only big difference was the complete absence of yesterday’s wave conditions. 

Temperatures were higher (allowing thick jackets and wool caps to be shed) but these did not produce anything like enough lift to offset winds aloft near 30 kts.  After watching several sniffers fall down (and have to cope with gnarly conditions in the landing pattern), the day was cancelled around 3pm.

We have the interesting range of gliders typical of a Perry contest.  Spans range from 13.5 to 28 meters.  Recent models are well represented: they include ASG-32 Mi (one), ASH-31Mi (two) and Ventus 3 (two).  Always notable is Dick Butler’s Concordia, widely regarded as the highest performance glider ever to fly.

Of our 64 entries, just over one-third (23) are motorized.  These include the ASW-27 belonging to Francois Pin, which recently spent time in Europe, in part to acquire an FES (front electric sustainer engine).

Posted: 4/18/2018


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