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Region 5 North - Not a contest day (sigh)

Yesterday afternoon’s violent weather gave way to heavy rain that dumped about 2 inches on Perry International by late evening.  Overnight, we had gusty winds and much lower temperatures.

We awoke with hopes for a contest day today: this part of South Carolina features sandy soil that handles heavy rain well, and from early in the morning cumulus clouds gave evidence of decent lift.  But the wind was a serious issue – the forecast called for gusts above 25 kts on the ground and up to 40 kts at cloudbase.  At the morning meeting a large group of pilots and crews, wearing the warmest clothes they had brought, heard CD Marshall McClung’s decision to cancel the day (with general approval).

A few pilots chose to fly, including Karl Striedieck in his DuoDiscus.  He reported that over 90 minutes of slogging into the stiff wind yielded about 35 miles of progress; the return home took around 15 minutes.

Posted: 4/16/2018


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