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Senior Soaring Championship - No contest day - late report

Today’s airmass was rated as good to excellent – at one point it was predicted to produce cumulus clouds, lift to 6000’ and good task speeds. But a much thicker than forecast band of mid-level clouds arrived by launch time, severely limiting the sun’s heating and spoiling the party.

Under depressingly gray skies we were actually able to launch the whole fleet (60+ gliders) and most were able to stay aloft, occasionally reaching 4000’ in weak lift. But the weather trend was obviously downward and by 2pm it was clear that even a short task would entail crowded thermals, many outlandings and a dubious chance of a valid day. Accordingly, the task was cancelled.

Some pilots decided to attempt the task anyway. This produced no completions, three outlandings and several motorglider engine runs. We will try again tomorrow.

The lateness of this report is due to a combination of the change in time zones and an outstanding "Welcome Dinner" in the briefing hangar last night.

Posted: 3/10/2018


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