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Region 4 North - Rig and Race...

... unfortunately without the racing part.

The day broke with cloudy with low cloud bases. The various weather products called for no rain (gasp), clearing with the promise of at least weakly soarable conditions. CD Karl Striedieck called for a 11:30 AM grid. There was no groaning or pushback otherwise from the group. With a collective sense of duty, fuselages were pulled, wings lifted, pins pushed and taping performed. Even Karl rigged his Duo in eager anticipation of a successful final day. However much as we karmaed and vibed, that low ceiling just would not abate. Reporting stations around the airport had base at about 1K AGL and this was confirmed with cloud tickling the tops of the mountains.

After this extended period of poor weather some of us wondered if the sun had actually ceased to exist. So out came the ANDROID tablet and it was pointed to the sky. SKY MAP was launched and GOOGLE, the oracle of all knowledge, was summoned.



There it was, the Sun, low in the horizon partying with Jupiter and Mars. We were relieved that the Sun still existed but we did feel a bit abandoned.


At 2:00 PM, the day was called and thus ended R4N 2017 Edition.

Parting throughts.

We had a great contingent of eager pilots and all the planning in place but unfortunatly the weather did not cooperate. Of course the 3 weeks before the contest were lovely and the upcoming week is looking great with Monday promising a ridge day. Blah. But as my Italian mother would say, “Wadda ya gonna do?” Allow me to translate; Glider pilots, optimists… no pity party! Move on and fly another day! And that’s just what we’ll do.


Signing out...


Posted: 10/15/2017


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