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Region 4 North - Day 6 of the Hostage Crisis

We are being hostage by the forces of nature. Ops Director Rick Fuller (CL) has nothing to offer. Richard Kellerman (QV) has nothing to offer (but somehow silently slipped out the back.) John Murray (LX), Eric Mann (P3) and John Godfrey (QT) also slipped away. No soup for you. Unceremoniously the day was canceled (again.)

Tomorrow looks flyable. Sunday looks flyable. Monday looks GR8T. 

Last night's Banquet at the Hickory Bridge was well attended. Bob Jackson (RJ), the speaker du jour, provided interesting and humorous recollections of soaring luminaries and past glider contests. Long downwind dashes with reluctant (nonexistent?) crew. Creative ways to take turn point photos. Gliders with certain “advanced features”. The audience was full of smiles and laughter. Bob’s rapt remembrances made us realize that so much of this sport is about the soaring community and our shared experiences. 




Posted: 10/13/2017


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