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Region 4 North - Rain Likely Followed by Rain

Last night’s dinner was a “pot luck” affair, basically a reappearance of the staring foodstuff of the previous couple of days. Bratwurst; it’s the grill staple that keeps coming back. 

Of particular note last night was the great ad-hoc concert presented by David Bargainner (OO) on dobro, Shane Neitzey (XZ) on 6 string and Nirmal Mathrani on percussion. These guys sounded really good… and the price was right. 

We got a day in yesterday for both 18M and FAI class, one in the books… yea.

 At the morning pilot’s meeting FAI Class winner Shane Neitzey recounted his flight needing only 200 ft more on final to make it back into the finish with a big fat speed points reward. Unfortunately 200 ft turned into 300 ft then 400 ft  then 500 ft… “so I just out landed”. John Seymour (SM) 18M winner, recounted his strategy as being in K-6 mode turning in every scrap of lift. John found himself “getting low near Frederick and grinding around at some stupid altitude”. Collective inquisition from the pilots, “How stupid was it?”. Response, “Hand on gear lever stupid.” 

Eric Mann (P3) completed the task and took second place in 18M. Eric noted that David Pixton (ex-9X) could likely claim cycling the course faster. Given the forecast the day was canceled and grid time was set 2 days out for 11:30 AM Friday. 

Wednesday’s official NOAA forecast calls for “rain likely followed by rain.” The “rain likely” part stated at 4:00 AM local. Per schedule, the “followed by rain” part is happening now at 11:00 AM local. The good news is that the grass is greening up and the trees are happy.

Amongst the denizens of R4N there is talk of going to see movies and commission of various forms of retail therapy.




Posted: 10/11/2017


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