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Region 4 North - Attention This is not a drill

Last night M-ASA chief tow pilot John Machamer and his wife Karen hosted the pilots at their hangar adjacent to M-ASA facility serving up a great chili dinner. Thanks for the hospitality John and Karen! 

The nighttime sky was, drum roll, clear! Stars were in abundance with the Milky Way visible. It was cooling down nicely giving the air conditioners a break. Awoke to the sun peeking through some left over high clouds but there was still a lot of humidity in the warm air. That humidity rose resulting in mid-morning overcast making a gray, vague, dystopian sky scape. This is not  supposed to happen; it was looking bleak. As sniffer, I asked CD Karl Striedieck if he wanted me to fly my LS-8/18 with 15M or 18M tips. He responded “Do you happen to have 24 meters?”

During the weather briefing, to maintain optimism the pop up showers that were now appearing on the maps were reclassified as “anomalous propagations”. Grid time was proposed to be 6:00 PM local. 

Well by about 11:00 AM things did begin to improve. A noon grid was called with the task area set to the south where things looked clearer. The 18M launched first and with weak lift and 2.5K AGL cloud base, folks generally stuck. The sky brightened and some pilots got around although there were a couple of land outs and land backs. Check the results page for details. Most importantly everyone was safe no junk was made.

Its late afternoon, it’s in the 80’s and air conditioning is back in fashion. Tomorrow looks to be the start of another wet pattern.



Posted: 10/10/2017


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