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Region 4 North - 18M Attempt...

A very nice Lasagna dinner, complements of the M-ASA club, was served on Sunday night. We dined "al fresco" in the covered pavillion with the rain having eased up for a bit. Unfortunatly it started up again with cycles of torrential downpours in the early morning hours as remnants of Hurricane Nate buzzed through. This continued in ferocity and unabated until mid-morning but there were improvements forecast and the possibility of getting in a late day.


The 9:30 am pilot’s meeting was postponed till noon to allow for a better gauge of the weather. At noon the rain was well off the map and the strong SW wind was predicted to abate. There would be progressive clearing. Given the time and predictions, CD Karl Striedieck held off attempting to get the FAI class going but the 18M was a go. Jim Hague (J6), John Murray (LX), Eric Mann (P3) and John Seymour (MS) dutifully rigged and cast themselves to the (low) overcast sky. We watch from our grounded positions as the 4 pilots mixed it up for a bit and then land within a few minutes of each other. In an optimistic frame of mind our 4 intrepid friends again conducted another round of surly bond slipping. In short order gravity gusts overpowered what broken thermals there were resulting in more landing practice for our 4 aviators. Day over.


It’s going on 5 pm and the sky is clearing and it looks to be a beautiful evening, cooler than the last few. The ground has soaked up most of the storm and there is no standing water in the fields.


Tomorrow is looking quite promising. After some morning fog we should have a sunny day with temperatures in the low 80’s, light winds, and lift to 4K MSL. Hoping to come back at yah tomorrow with stories of amazing flying so be sure to come back! 


Posted: 10/9/2017


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