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Region 4 North - R4N, And Here We Go...

M-ASA is host to the R4N Regional contest and all (most?) of the usual suspects are here. 

Yesterday’s official Practice Day was reported to have been a lot better than it looked. While it was a beautifut sunny day, it was also pretty warm and windy out of the southwest which is not a particularly desirable soaring condition at W73. Still folks got around with no land outs. The après flying banter included those great stories of “there I was screaming along when suddenly I hit a wall of impenetrable wind and sink”. The post-flight beer and Margaritas seemed to help take the edge off of all that trauma that was suffered earlier in the day. 

The annual traditional Bratwurst dinner was well attended. There was a lot of chatter and everyone was really upbeat and happy. John Murray (LX) seemed to be particularly happy.

Contest Day 1: The rain stated at about 5:00 am local and it continued through the pilot’s meeting. Given the forecast, CD Karl Striedieck (KS) called the day. The rain continued on and off for a spell. It’s now stopped raining at 2:30 pm local but the maps show another big batch of rain coming our way. This looks like the beginning of what’s left of Hurricane Nate that will move across the area tonight and Monday bringing more rain and some thunderstorms. A cold front is expected for Tuesday and although it looks weak, it does hold promise for a contest day so stay tuned for that. 

It is uncharacteristically warm and humid here for this time of year. In previous years for R4N, the sound of campers running propane heaters was the norm. This year however it’s the sound of air conditioners. We hadn’t had a drop of rain in the 4 weeks prior to this R4N Day 1 but here we are; you know we’ll just make the best of what Mother Nature throws our way. 

Tonight is the Welcome Dinner with Lasagna complements of M-ASA being served under the pavilion. 

More later…

Posted: 10/8/2017


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