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Region 4 South - And the hits just keep on coming

The sky in the morning was blue with only scattered high clouds so it looked like we were in business for another day.  There was some concern with scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon which turned out to be correct but there was little influence in the task area

Without the benefit of sniffers we launched at 12:40 into a nice looking sky with well-formed cu to the north.  Some areas of pending overdevelopment were noted but it was occurring well south of the gliderport so even the sound of thunder did not deter us.

The task was a TAT with Alt start B, Covington, Wits End, Eagle Rock, Maggie and New Castle finish as the turn points.  The minimum distance was 60.75 miles with a maximum of 219.63.  The Minimum time was 2:00

Conditions were a little better than forecast with cu at 6,000 and lift at 4+ knots.  Speeds were respectable with All Tyler averaging 66.62 mph for 132 miles in the 18 meter class.  In the FAI class it was Evan Ledeman with a 57.27 mph average for 116 miles.   I wonder how well he would have done if that wasp had stayed in the cockpit?

Tonight its Low Country Boil for dinner at the pavilion.  Wish you were here.


KS reported while circling with a kettle of hawks a loud thump - no evidence of contact anywhere on the glider. Didn't konw hawks knew about bump drafting...

The always excellent Glen and posse once again concocted an awesome low country boil, preceded by Sandra's handmade grape leaves, artichoke dip, hummus, and pita chips.

As of now, the bonfire is blazing, fed by the hot air of the pilots telling each other about their flights (appropriately lubricated). Music from an impromput jam fills the air and all is right with this little piece of the world.

So goes the New Castle experience.

Posted: 9/20/2017


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