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Region 4 South - Day two in the bag

We awakened to lots of cloud cover and low fog obscuring the ridges but if you have spent much time at New Castle you know this is not unexpected.   By 11:00 it was all burned off and the sun was beginning to do its job.  The first sniffer launch was at 12:15 and reported lift of 2 knots but with cloudbase of 3500.  Two other sniffers later we were still waiting for the conditions to improve enough to launch the fleet but a launch time of 1:05 was announced under the expectation of improving conditions.   The launch went without relights but the conditions were still fairly weak.

The forecast was very similar to yesterday but TAT was called with turn points Alt Start A, Mountain Lake, Covington, Wits End, Eagle Rock and finish New Castle.   Minimum Distance was 57.14 with a maximum of 254.87.  Task A was a minimum time of 2:30 but the CD went to task B (same turn points, 2:00 minimum) due to the later than anticipated launce.

Reports were that conditions were challenging and the speeds reinforced that.  Preliminary results had Ken Sorenson in first place, 18-meter, with a speed of 58.70 and a devalued day  The FAI class was lead by Karl Striedieck with a speed of 46.66 devalued day as well.  Only one off airport landout was reported but there were other pilots that took the airport bonus and landed at New Castle

Posted: 9/19/2017


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