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Region 4 South - Day 1

Before we get started on the days report we would like to extend out support for those affected by the hurricanes in Texas and Florida.  We had several contestants that had to withdraw due these events and  we want them to know that they are in our thoughts.  Hopefully you will be able to get back to normal soon and be with us next year.

The day began with dense fog blanketing the entire Craig Creek valley, but by the end of the pilots meeting patches of blue were beginning to show through as the fog burned off.  The forecast was uncertain due to the hard to predict cloud cover and cue was forecast at about 5,000 feet for most of the afternoon.  At grid time (12:00) it was plenty hot and after sending up a sniffer the launch began at 12:40.

A turn area task was called for all classes with minimum and maximum distances of 39.52 and 154.67 respectively.  Turnpoints were Alt Start B, Oriskany, Maggie, Big Hill with a 1 mile finish cylinder over the gliderport.  Lift was reported to be 2 – 4 knots but was spotty and it was hard to determine where the good lift was.  The birds seemed just as happy in one knot as four so although they helped with centering they were not a reliable indicator of thermal strength. The cloudbases were better than forecast up to about 6,000 ft.  As of this report there were no reported landouts and all but a handful had finished.


One landout at the high school, no damage.

Tonight is an open grill and there is mega activity in the kitchen preparing all kinds of goodies. After dinner entertainment includes tradicitional music by "Better than we Sound" - but they sound pretty good to me.  The bonfire is lit and various adult beveraes being consumed are accompanied by effusive lying and cigar smoking.


Posted: 9/18/2017


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