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Region 2 North - Monday Weather

The large high pressure system that's dominated our weather is finally starting to yield to encroaching fronts and a trough to our west.    Looks like the high remains in control through the day as a weakening ridge oriented from Maine to Pennsylvania. 
Forecast BL is around 4,000 at launch time developing to 6,000  ft .  Expect a later start and earlier end than the last two days.   Climbs generally 2-3kts with some better under bands of cirrus.   
Banded cirrus overspreads the area with broken to later ovc.    Cu should again form around 4,000 rising to 5,000 and potentially 5,500.         
NE flow veering to E and even ESE during the day.   About 5-7 kts on the surfact and 10-12 kts at altitude.  

Posted: 8/28/2017


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