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Region 2 North - Day 2 - K21 Report

Monday brought day 2 for R2N. The weather presented a challange with alto cu and banding cirrus having a big affect on heating. The airmass was still reasonably good and the expectation was for lift to between four and five thousand above ground, depending on heating. Slow start and early end was expected.
Both classes went with reduced tasks with Sports moving to the same task as Bus and Bus being shortened to 1-1/2 hr due to the expected early shut down.
In Sports Dan Zelek was first and Boris Kubrak moved to the lead. Overall leader, guest Gregg Leslie, noted a significant amount  of "tactical flying" . Traces show several gliders covered by a dime. 60% of Sports got around as it was a difficult day with long glides and poor lift down low.
One pilot noted that, if he had had an internet connection, he would have been posting his glider right the and there. He has since regained his sanity.
In Bus recently inactive contest veteran Charlie Mampe had the helm of K21 and came away with the day win. The team of Bill and Nancy Hanson finished second. The early end to the day and tricky conditions got the rest of the class.
We had a good recovery from the tug problem withn Scott Calvert bringing the Valley Soaring club Pawnee  over on short notice to keep us up and running.
Four days off, then we do it again.
See you at the airport 

Posted: 8/28/2017


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