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Region 10 Championship - Harvey Causing Troubles

All:  Due to  the uninvited guest, Harvey, we have decided to delay registration and the first day of Region 10 until Wednesday, 8/30.  The Mandatory meeting will be at 9:30 am in the Clubhouse.  We are expecting high winds and heavy rains which necessitate the delay from  a flying perspective, but access and safety are also issues.  We will have an update as the hurricane comes on shore & does his damage.  We are hopeful that we get less than the amount of rain currently forecast. 


The last day of the contest is currently scheduled for Saturday, Sept 2nd, but might be extended to Sunday or Monday, if ALL pilots agree.  At this point we don't know any more than you about when and where Harvey either arrive, or leave.  We appreciate your intended participation, your current patience and hope that we can all get together to fly next week. 


Stay safe, and dry, 

Michelle and Ken Sorenson

Posted: 8/25/2017


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