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Region 11 FAI Class - Finally no smoke

The smoke is finally gone! There was still some to the south, and thermal heights are still limited compared to our usual weather at Truckee. Flight to the east (Air Sailing area) was precluded by the fire suppression TFR still in effect so north again was all that was left. The CD called a 3 hour TAT: turnpoints Herlong, Sierraville, Squaw Valley VOR, Mt. Rose, and Adams Peak. The radii for Herlong and Adams were made large to allow for short and long courses. 


Gliders were gridded at 12 and the launch began at 12:30, just as conditions became soarable. Everyone headed to the Verdi-Loyalton ridge, some found them selves low and either struggling or retreating but the lift was there if you stayed high. To make the 3 hour minimum, the faster pilots flew some distance into the Herlong cylinder, but heights got lower to the north limiting this strategy. The Sierraville turn point was intended to get pilots off the Verdi ridge, however many deviated only enough to get the turn point before returning to the ridge. Squaw Valley is a known sink hole, so most nicked that cylinder and then headed back to Mt. Rose. The return to Adams Peak was a bit more difficult at the thermals were fewer. BB and 1A both struggled on the first trip north, landing out at airports in the area. 


LA again won the day with a raw speed of 63.19 mph, just fast enough to correct out over P7’s 65.10 mph due to LA flying in 15m mode. 2BB was 3rd at 63.15 raw speed. 


Saturday will be the last day and it looks like a decent forecast for a change. 1st (P7) and 2nd (LA) place are just over 100 points apart, while only 14 points separate the next three (9B, FV, L6). It should make an interesting day.

Posted: 7/21/2017


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