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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Day 5

Saturday dawned dense with smoke.  The Warm Springs Valley was, at times, so obscured,  it was difficult to make out the Dogskins less than three miles away.  In such marginal conditions, a contest launch was highly questionable, but after rescheduling the grid and launch until later in the day a light breeze had sufficiently cleared the area enough to begin operations. 

Aland Adams masterfully won the day once again in his LS-8 (AA), posting a handicapped speed of 54 knots over 119 miles, but leaving him 61 points short of first place in the contest. The team of first timer, Brad Jackson, and his instructor, Jim Lee, in Soaring NV’s Duo  finished second for the day, but retained their first place position overall.  Kerry Richards (P9) was consistent all week and climbed into third place.   Jimmy Hamilton (4 time winner of the ASI Sports Class Contest) returned to competition after 11 years and  finished in fourth in H4.

With the contest complete and as the banquet dishes being cleared away,  the Long Valley fire, fanned by high winds began to dominate our horizon to the north. The fire invaded the Dogskins and lines of flame were clearly visible on its eastern slopes while clouds of orange smoke ballooned across the sky thousands of feet above us as we departed ASI. 

Posted: 7/15/2017


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