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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Day 4

Day four was really comprised of two contests. For those who started early it proved a strong, relatively easy day. For those unfortunate enough to start late it could be a difficult day. There were five relights after the first hour of flying, and many slow starts. Although weather predictions were similar to day three, the tailenders often found weak, junky thermals, and struggled to get on task.


Contest Director JJ set a TAT to Mineral Peak with a 30 mile circle, Fallonturnoff, also 30 miles, then AirSailing, Hallelujah Junction, and Finish. Winner AlandAdams, an early starter reported skirting east of Reno Class C airspace and running down the west side of the Pine Nuts to deep within the Mineral Peak turn circle. Heading back toward Fallonturnoff, he reported a nice cloud street leading directly to the turn point that nobody else seemed to find. He averaged a handicapped 70 knots over 210 miles. Kerry Richards followed close behind for second place.


This report is forced to conclude with several words of wisdom about the seldom discussed subject of urinary density from Ron Gleason, who gave an excellent safety talk on the dangers of dehydration in desert flying conditions: “If you drink Guinness and pee Corona,you're OK” he cautioned. “But if you drink Corona and pee Guinness, you're in big trouble!”

Posted: 7/14/2017


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