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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Day 2

Although the Palomino fire had been extinguished, its TFR remained in effect, forcing JJ to call the same task as day one, a two hour MAT with Constancia as the required turnpoint. Weather conditions had improved however with stronger thermals and a ceiling above 13,000. All contestants reported a better day and only one failed to finish.


Aland Adams flying an LS-8 won the day with a handicapped speed of nearly 60 knots over 129 miles. Brad Jackson and Jim Lee brought their Duo Discus in second. 

About 2pm the contest area broke into flames as a rapidly spreading wildfire engulfed the valley between Constancia and Susanville. By Wednesday the fire had consumed 2,500 acres, effectively shutting off all contest flying north of AirSailing. Fortunately the Palomino TFR has been lifted, and Thursday promises better conditions with some cumulus predicted, and a TAT to the south seems likely. Wednesday is a designated lay day.

Posted: 7/11/2017


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