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Region 3 - Contest Day 5

Once the cold front went through the region, we were treated to a perfect Upstate New York summer day…steady NW winds, dry cool air, and cloud streets around the clock. Cloud base was ~6500ft with thermals averaging 3-4kts and as high has 6kts. Pilots reported going significant distances without having to turn. There were some blue holes and if you got low it was a struggle, but overall it was a very good day and well worth waiting for this morning. Andrew Ainslie [VW] had a fun and fast day and easily placed first. The Juniors task was canceled but some of the juniors flew it anyway while the others stayed closer to home.

With the NW winds blowing, the ridge on the “front” of Harris Hill was working all day. The Bus Class and the other Juniors - and later some of the Seniors - played on it all day which is not only fun for them but also fun for those of us on the ground to watch. Later, when the winds died down some, the hang gliders took their turn.

After five contest days, John Seymour [SM] handily takes first place for this Region 3 competition. Bill Hanson’s [WH] steady performance earned him second overall and Andrew Ainslie [VW] worked his way up to third.

On the Junior side, Daniel Sazhin, Noah Reitter and Phil Chidekel placed 1-2-3 overall. Phil also earned “Rookie of the Year” for highest placing by someone new to competition and “Rookie Weatherman” for his outstanding work analyzing and reporting the daily weather.

The Junior Camp was a huge success! Uncle Hank estimates 10-11 new pilot rankings. The camaraderie within the group was obvious and life-long friendships were established. Thanks to lead organizers JP Stewart (also Jr CM) and Daniel Sazhin, and instructors Hank Nixon (lead), Roy McMaster, Dave Welles, Karl Striedieck, Sean Murphy, and Andy Brayer for sharing their experience. Junior Camps are critical to the future of soaring. Please consider donating your time or money to help continue this worthy effort. And Good Luck to JP, Daniel, and Noah as they compete in Lithuania later this month!

Don’t forget to check out pics on the SSA Facebook feed as well as:

HHSC: https://www.facebook.com/HarrisHillSoaring

Juniors: https://www.facebook.com/UsJuniorSoaring



SM Ground


Posted: 7/8/2017


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