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US Junior Camp Contest - Thursday No Contest Day

Tim canceled the day at the second Pilot’s Meeting.  Friday is not looking good either, but there is a slight chance of flying later in the day.  We are more optimistic for Saturday.  At any rate, both R3 and Jr Camp have a contest in the bag.

It is a decades old tradition for the Harris Hill Juniors to pull a prank on the Seniors during the contest.  You might recall that two years ago it was hundreds of plastic spoons in W3’s and HW’s trailers.  And of course there is the taping and toilet papering of Andy McQuigg’s trailer, a prank that will live on in infamy.  But this year’s group of Juniors are not about to be outdone.  This morning, John Bird’s Russia [AAN] was found assembled in the HHSC Flight Center!  Quite an impressive sight and the pictures don’t quite do it justice.  I think there is maybe a foot between the wing tips and the corners of the room.  Take a look on the SSA or HHSC facebook pages.

Many of the contestants and club members are heading over to the Hill Top Inn this evening.  The restaurant sits atop Jerusalem Hill and overlooks the city of Elmira.  Jerusalem Hill also served as one of the early gliding locations in the area.

SM Ground

Posted: 7/6/2017


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