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Region 3 - Contest Day 4

It was a tricky day with rapid cloud cycling. Pilot reports were across the board…Conditions ranged from very good (6500ft cloudbase, 5kts thermals) to challenging (dead air, lying clouds, struggling below 4000ft). There were a few landouts and a couple of pilots never left the local area. All the Juniors completed their task though…Great job guys and gal! Conditions were still good into early evening. The Bus Class continued instruction and HHSC was able to fit in some rides until 6-ish.

Andrew Ainslie [VW] takes first for the day while John Seymour[SM] increases his overall lead. Junior Team US continued their winning ways, although it was just two of them today as JP had to go back to work for a couple of days.

We’ve flown four days in a row here at Elmira, but that streak might be broken by some precip Thursday or Friday.

SM Ground

Posted: 7/5/2017


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