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Region 3 - Contest Day 3

We spent Independence Day enjoying another beautiful Upstate New York summer day.

The day started out pleasantly cool. A high pressure system moved in, so winds were either calm or light out of the north. Flying-wise, it was very similar to yesterday with cloud bases in the 6000-6500 range and average lift around 4kts. Also like yesterday, you needed to keep above 4000ft to stay connected to the lift. Cloud cycling played a big role in how well your day went as well. Most had stories of getting low at least once, including the top scorers.

Clay Monroe [24] breaks John Seymour’s [SM] day winning streak to take first place today. SM still retains the top spot overall. On the Junior’s side, Team USA took 1-2-3 for the day, a fitting placement for the 4th of July.

Tonight was the first group dinner at the Youth Camp. Harris Hill member Tom Olson, one of the Juniors, and contestant David Hart [DG] provided musical entertainment. Another Harris Hill member put on a spectacular fireworks show. Thank you to Becky Murphy and Lori VanDyke for putting the meal together (with assist from hubbies Sean and Mark) and to the Harris Hill members who brought side dishes to share!

SM Ground


Posted: 7/4/2017


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