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Region 3 - Contest Day 2

Another cold front passed through the region today. Steady NW winds provided cooler, drier air and a very pleasant summer day. Flying conditions were pretty much as expected, minus the scattered showers…~6000-6500ft cloudbases, average lift 3-4kts, spreadout (horizontal kind only), cycling clouds.

The key today was to stay above 4000ft. Pilots below that spent time digging out. Cloud streets lined up nicely behind the front and I know of at least one pilot (mine) who used them to ride home.

John Seymour [SM] and Bill Hanson [WH] again had the best flights of the day and are first and second overall. On the Juniors side, Team US (Stewart-Sazhin-Reitter) flew the Jr task twice and then some.

I wanted to give a shout out to our up-and-coming weather guy, Phil Chidekel. Phil is a sophomore at Penn State, studying – what else – meteorology. A tutor of contest weatherman extraordinaire Richard Kellerman, Phil does a good job of distilling the information into a pilot-friendly format. He also finished second today in the Jr Camp!

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Posted: 7/3/2017


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