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US Junior Camp Contest - How the Junior Camp Works

Juniors attend the regular Pilot’s Meeting (and have been encouraged to have their glider assembled and ready to go prior). Post meeting every day, Hank Nixon and Tim Welles run a seminar.  Topics so far include a general contest briefing, radio etiquette and technique, and landing out. 

The two-seat ships are launched first every day, with the Region 3 and Junior Classes doing the usual grid rotation, so the kids are getting experience with that aspect of contests as well.  The two-seaters have a short task that enables the instructors to take up multiple juniors in one day, so everyone is getting in flying time.

The Juniors are staying at the Youth Camp down the road, so they have the opportunity to eat and socialize together post-flying.

JP Stewart, Daniel Sazhin, and Noah Reitter are all here to hone their team flying skills prior to heading off for the Junior World Gliding Championship later this month.

US Junior Soaring Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UsJuniorSoaring

Posted: 7/3/2017


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