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The 2017 Nephi OLC Games - Guess we better give an update...

Don't know if anyone is checking on event reports, but if you are - here is a brief update.  Everyone arrived excited and enthusiastic about being here in Utah flying again.  The official start date of the event was Sunday, but many pilots showed up to pre fly on Friday and Saturday. 

Weather has been strong high lift but with some restrictions put on us.  Launches have unfortunately been around 1pm due to later trigger temperatures.  We have been trying to launch as early as possible and I think we have done a good job.  Only a few relaunches every day but the earliest pilots still have to work to get up and out.  That is about as early as you can hope for without doing 4k' tows.

The other weather restriction has mainly been limited areas of clouds.  We have had clouds down to the smokey Parowan area but we just don't want to go further south because the smoke is miserable to fly in.  Luckily for us, the winds have been westerly or at least SW so we haven't had much smoke come up our way.  The SW quadrant of the Nephi tasking area has been blue south of Fillmore for the most part so we haven't gone too far out down that way.  We have been keeping the tasks to within about 100 miles of Nephi.  This still offers lots of fun flying.

We have had a fun task assigned every day and about 50% of the pilots have been attempting it.  Yesterday we did a racing task with 1 mile radius turn points right out to where the clouds were predicted to end.  Our weather man Lynn Alley has been crazy on so far with his forecasts and we have maximized the areas of lift and clouds.  Kudos to Lynn for doing such a good job so far.

Today we threw out a softball task by making two turn points 20 mile radius sizes.  It allowed the fast guys to maximize the distance and go fast and the newer pilots to be able to still fly the task.  It again went right to the edges where the weather man said would be good.  Was a really fun day.  The strong westerly winds blew the thermals apart somewhat, but it was still possible to find 10 knot thermals and shoot skywards to cloudbase enough times to keep it fun. 

We are now half way through the event.  We have had tons of 500km+ flights (I am guessing well over 100 by now) and a good handful of 750km+ flights, but we haven't broked 1000km yet this year.  Hopefully we will get a day that will allow launches closer to noon and clouds to allow long distances.  The weather forecast isn't perfect, but still might allow for this.  Fingers crossed.

Thanks everyone within the Utah Soaring Association that have been donating your time and energies to put this event on.  We are all working hard and having fun.  And a special thanks to all the pilots that trusted us to put on another event who come from long and far to come fly with us for a week.  We are having a great time!

Bruno - B4

Posted: 6/28/2017


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