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Sports Class Nationals - Final Day awards

Greetings all,

So a little retrospect on yesterday. As happens many times at a contest, as soon as yesterday was cancelled, the sky opens up and heating happens that makes the day look doable. I took several tows in the afternoon for several guys that wanted to fly. In listening to their post mortems at dinner last night, the most authoritative voice on whether we should have went or not said, no doubt, we flew but we were going nowhere today. That says a lot coming from KS. So much for that.

Now on to today. We arrived at the field this morning to really wet air and low clouds. The high pressure system that was favoring us a little yesterday has now moved out to the east and we are being overrun by a mostly stationary low that is wreaking havoc south of here. The worst phrase you can hear at any contest sight is the dreaded “stationary front”. With only today left to race the writing was already on the wall. The weatherman briefed us with a very dreary forecast but said at least 1 model says we could fly. With this, CD Sullivan sets a noon meeting to either set a grid time or hand out awards. Most new what was happening and took the 2 hours until noon to clean up and tear apart their big gliders that had stayed together all week. Even the contest volunteers new as we cleaned up the grid and stowed away most of the materials needed for launch before the noon meeting.

At noon, Monte quickly confirmed that the day is cancelled. As quickly as it started, boom, it is done and we are out of here. First, we needed to hand out awards, take photo’s exchange handshakes and hugs. The 2017 Sports class national champion is ND, Andy Brayer. I have talked of how well Andy flew all week; this is a very well earned win and 1 that will live in Andy’s memory for the rest of his life. He has been flying Mifflin contests a long time and I remember many landouts he has had. This year, he flew flawlessly and we are all thrilled with his win. 2nd place was H7, Biff Huss and in 3rd was HW Heinz Weisenbuehler. Congratulations to all. The Mifflin trophy, for the longest flight of the race was won by H7, Biff Huss. Biff used to fly here regularly until he moved to Colorado; we hope he comes back again soon.

With that I want to thank all the contestants who flew here. When the race started we had 10 people who drew mentors and that is encouraging to a contest organization, new people at a long time sight keeps us all coming back. So that’s all from Mifflin. Thanks for following along, I hope to see you all at a contest real soon.


Brian Glick 

Posted: 5/28/2017


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