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Sports Class Nationals - Day 4

Hello again sailplane race fans,

After several days of the same backside ridge missions, Friday dawned with low clouds and strong west northwest winds. Anyone who has done eastern ridge flights knows that this is the absolute best kind of run we can wish for. The soaring gods had to be looking out for all of us today, as early on the wind was a little more westerly making the tows easier and us tow pilots all happier. Once everyone was off the direction changed to more northwesterly, almost like the CD had his hand in a big switch labeled “change direction now”! It worked and worked well. I left my towplane sit outside too long in case we had a late relight, we did not, and when I went to taxi back to the hanger I had real difficulties.

The task was designed exactly for what we were hoping to have. It put the guys on the ridges but had several areas were they had to make transitions and think ahead to make it work. For the third time in 4 race days ND, Andy Brayer won the day and sits atop the overall score sheet. Andy is flying the best I have ever seen him and is a young guy, that if he continues to improve he will sit higher rather than lower on most scores sheets. This is not to say that every contest will be a breeze, just that he loves what he does and it shows.

The common refrain upon return at the end of the day was, holy sh-t am I sore. That is ridge flying. The speeds are fast and the turbulence is high. It was also a day to deal with the pesty intermittent rain shower. 1 gentleman I talked to was going down the ridge all dumb fat and happy, he soon hits a bad rain shower and ends up in a field near Mc Connellsburg only to take a ride home in his trailer.

The day ended in the chow hall with the fabulous Mifflin fish fry. This is a time honored thing here at Mifflin and I am always told it is a great thing. I also have had many people tell me it is close to Al Tyler’s low country boil. After having been to Perry last year and had my first taste of it, I agree. I send out a hearty hello to the Tyler’s and hope they are doing well. Now how about flying here again Allison!!!! Fish was followed by the ice cream truck and it was a heavenly indulgence. No one went to bed hungry or with not enough sugar.

Tomorrow looks a little problematic, more on that when I have it.

Brian Glick

Posted: 5/26/2017


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