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Sports Class Nationals - Day 3

Hi race fans,

Well yesterday was a near carbon copy of the first 2 race days with one exception, the conditions started early enough and lasted long enough, to allow a 3 hour task. It was still a backside day at Mifflin with thermals working early to support everyone while the launch was going on. Not that the ridge would not do that, it just allowed the guys to stay close and break right out of the gate when it opened. That is usually the normal for ridge days and is really the case on a backside day.

The winner yesterday for his second in 3 race days was ND, Andy Brayer. I have not said much about personalities yet so here goes. Andy was about 14 when he started coming here to crew GJ. He has worked in Heinz’s shop and flown gliders as soon as he got the chance. He has a regular job and then at night he makes glider money by refinishing other peoples. He has become very good at that and even found time to get married last July. I asked a racer today if his glider is ideal for this type of racing or his skills have improved, the answer I got was both!!!! Learning young is the key to advancing skills for most and it seems to be working here.

So on to today. Thursday was the first total wash out of the race week. CD Monte had the weather briefed this morning with an eye on tomorrow. Seems like we may get a classic Mifflin ridge day on Friday and we may go early to keep the tugs out of the worst of the winds. Talk is of an 11:00 AM grid time and a 4 hour task. WE shall see, but today was cancelled at the conclusion of this brief.

With no organized meal tonight the field emptied fairly quickly for rest day chores and general relaxation. A few die hards stuck around and buffed gliders and replaced Mylar seals, other than that, a quiet day at the racing sight. I will try to post 2 reports tomorrow to let you all know what we have going on Friday.


Thanks for reading.

Brian Glick

Posted: 5/24/2017


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