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Sports Class Nationals - Day 2

Hi race fans


Well Day 2 at Mifflin is in the books, and that my friends was no easy one to pull off. First, the opportunities for a nice thermal day have been few and far between up to this point. As is usually the case, they happened last on the practice and pre-practice day. 2nd we have gridded up all but 1 day to sit and wait for conditions that sometimes come and sometimes don’t, and when they do it happens late and both days have been backside ridge missions. So all of that sets the stage for…..the rest of the story.

In the morning meeting all went smoothly and quickly as we did not fly yesterday. CD Monte set the grid time for 12:30 and says that today we will actually pull the gliders onto the runway as we will do something. We gridded at the anointed time and proceeded to wait it out. The sniffer was launched at 1:00 and wallowed around on weak to nonexistent lift for nearly an hour. The clearing was coming and a little sun on the ground should warm us and make at least some mixing to start. The sniffer finally reports 2 knots up and launch time is announced. The CD and I had discussed sending up 2 rounds from the tow planes and possibly having to stop at 6. The lift was sufficient and we continued. On the 3rd circuit of the towplanes I hear 1 tow pilot pull out for mechanical reasons. UGH! Now we are in a short window with numerous heavy gliders and 1 tug short. I went from fast mode to space shuttle speed in 1 tow. It took longer than anyone wanted to see but the grid was finally off and the gate opened at 3:58. See, I told you it was late.

The original task sheet had 4 missions on it. Shortly after we lost a tug, mission #5 is called in via roll call in the air. MAT with 2 mandatory turns and then anywhere. Again, the backside mission was a day saver for Mifflin. Monte remarked to me after the day was over that at home (Harris Hill) no one would have gotten a glider out of the box on a day like this. Everyone got around and got home for dinner, albeit a little late.  HW and Kevin Anderson Share the day win with almost identical speeds, followed in 2nd by H7 Biff Huss and 3rd was AXC, Jaeger & Nelson.

Today looks more of the same and tomorrow may be a wash, but after that we could get a really good day or 2. Stay tuned.


Brian Glick

Posted: 5/23/2017


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