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Sports Class Nationals - Day Cancelled

Greetings race fans,


So the day needed to break our way and it did, but too late for any meaningful race to take place. The clearing we needed was definitely on the way but the cold front was not sharp enough or fast enough to cleanly blow out the warm moist stagnant air we had this morning. So at 2:45 CD monte Sullivan pulled the plug and allowed local flying. Several die hards did take tows, many returned quickly and groused about wasting their tow money, but right on cue as I am typing, KS and SM have been up 2 hours and have not returned. I do not have much information on what tomorrow brings at this time, we shall play the waiting game and see what develops.

With no organized social event tonight, the field is relatively quiet and people are running around doing odd chores. Small glider tweaks and instrument stuff is the norm of the day. The Milner social club (AKA GJ’s hanger) has many people in it swapping stories and enjoying food and laughter. Tomorrow evening we will enjoy a roast pork loin dinner followed by 2 nights of no meals and then Friday brings us the Mifflin Fish fry. The chow hall is likely to be fuller than most for this time honored Mifflin Traditional meal.

My final thought, at the grid meeting to cancel the day, KS announced that Sara Arnold placed second for the day at the women’s worlds to large cheers. We will be following her as we hope you are too.


Thanks all for now


Brian Glick

Posted: 5/22/2017


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