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Sports Class Nationals - Day 1

Hi Race fans,

Day 1 at Mifflin is officially in the books. Before I get to that though, a little more about Saturday. I promised you all an update on what happened with the day and I was laying down on the job and missed my chance. The day was cancelled at the noon meeting as there was no chance of flying. What made me miss is that a bunch of us went on a rain day fishing trip. Since this was in a home stream and private club I felt good. I was humbled when Monte and Heinz killed them and I caught very little. UGH!!!!

So on to Day 1. The weather was looking crumby but at Mifflin when the wind blows out of the South, the “backside ridge” mission comes into effect. The turn points are limited and it is really a wing loading mission, but a day that we needed for sure. The tows were a little different than sometimes, the lift underneath an ugly sky was actually there, but the ground speed to the release area was awful. Once up there, the ridge was 95 to 100 knots and steady all day. It was a devalued day, but we came here to race and all were happy to be up and flying.

The scores on top of the sheet were tighter than 2 coats of paint, the difference between first place and 20th was 35 points. Andy Brayer wins his first day ever at a nationals, followed by his mentor and friend Heinz Weisenbuehler. I think the only way HW was this good today is he had to have left Karin fly. Ha Ha!! Congratulations to all on a good day.

As for today, the weatherman, Eric Mann stood up to give his briefing and read an e-mail from Squire Kellerman. As bad as it looks here, Kellerman’s words were “go for it” Eric pointed out this is easy for him to say as he is sitting 200 miles away sipping English tea. He also stated that Kellerman is sliding a slippery slope from “former friend” to now “sworn enemy” The forecast shows a cold front in Western Pennsylvania that is approaching and should clear things out and allow us a short mission this afternoon. We are all hoping this does occur and we get to race today.

I will talk more as the week goes along about social aspects. We have no meal tonight and the Mifflin fish fry still on deck for Friday.


That’s all for now

Brian Glick

Posted: 5/21/2017


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