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Sports Class Nationals - Practice Day

Hi race fans,

Sports Class nationals has set up shop here in Mifflin as we are hosting a contest for the 26th consecutive year at this site. Official practice was yesterday but we had arrivals as early as Monday of this week to get in some early practice. Thursday saw more than a few launches and for practice yesterday we had nearly the full complement of racers. The weather was great for those 2 days but unfortunately, not so good for prospective day 1 today. It is fully 30 degrees cooler this morning and misting rain. Our newly anointed contest weatherman, Eric Mann briefed us this morning. He is filling in for our usual little English guy and started off with roars of laughter when he stood up and said, “I am filling in for my former very good friend Richard Kellerman after he bailed on me with only 24 hours’ notice”.

Depending on which model you believe today is not hopeless. The morning meeting is continued at 12:00 noon for an update. My take is that the chances are very slim, but we all showed up to fly, so we will see. I will report back to you on what happens this afternoon. I will also be reporting from this sight all week with all the news that could be in the news, film at 11 all.



Brian Glick

Posted: 5/20/2017


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