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Region 5 North - The Party's Over

and so Perry R5N comes to a close.  A beautiful sky, still at 7:15 pm, tho blue and weather is on its way to the area.  Winners are:

FAI class          Baud Litt                             Sports         Sarah Arnold

18M                 Jeryzy Szemplinski              Opens          Doug Jacobs

A breakdown of today from my guy, SZ:  "Soaring conditions were as forecast with perhaps a little less wind aloft.  The thermals were strong and took the fleet to nearly 6000 ft. msl with fair weather cu marking most of the contest area.  As the afternoon progressed there were a few blue hole challenges, but fast racing conditions were, for the most part, the norm."  

The hospitality here is unmatched.  Thank you Tyler's, Rhonda, Al and Wesley.  Classic Perry and it's been a pleasure.

Posted by Leigh

Posted: 4/22/2017


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