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Region 5 North - Dinner time at R5N Friday

There are a lot of happy faces tonight......ZERO retrieves.  Weather today was better than forecast.  Averages 5-6000 ft cu.  It was a little weaker way south.

AAA Mitch Hudson is a newcomer to Perry. He is flying in the Sports Class.  Many of us remember Mitch as a junior pilot flying SEX with his momma as crew.  His junior competition career was interupted when he joined the Air Force and stayed for 21 years.  He and cute wife, Kimmine are now in Erie, Co. residing on an airpark....They have lots of toys (motor planes and gliders)

Mitch says that today was a lot better than yesterday...was early out of the gate where he watched clouds popping along to the south.  After 1st turn at Barnwell, he experience nice cloud streeting all the way to Twin Lakes.  Mitch averaged 4 knots with a 9 knotter between Barnwell and Twin Lakes.  He averaged between 3000 and 6000 ft. MSL, 6000 3 times.  

Jerzy Szemplinski is the 18 meter winner AGAIN.  Jerzy says it was soooo much better today.  The big clouds didn't work as well as the smaller ones, but the climbs were more predictable.  He averaged 4 knots with best 5 1/2.  He reached 6000 ft. MSL.  On the next to last leg, between Don Bells and Aiken he did not have to turn and went deeper into the cylinder than he had intended and was 10 minutes overtime.  Jerzy has been coming to Perry for a long time; 8 years in a row, missing last year. But he's back and doing just fine!  He loves the people here, its a great escape from the Canadian winter, and doesn't mind driving 900 miles to share the fun.

Tomorrow's the last day.  Stay tuned.

Posted by Leigh

Posted: 4/21/2017


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