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Region 5 North - Awesome expectations.....tougher on course

The cloud bases were about 1000 feet lower than expected and thermals were surprisingly difficult.

from LBL, Baud Litt(FAI class):  "nice sucking day!  thermals were very difficult to center except my last 2, where I averaged 5 knots"  the 3-4 knots thermals would disappear and I'd settle for 2 knots.  Baud basically flew between 2800 and 3500 ft. except toward the end when he encountered "cumulus congestus" and reached 5000 ft, actually 5300.

from RF, Robin Clark(18M class). "I used all of my 3 hours (and more) on the 4 assigned points."  The bases were lower than expected/climbs were weak expecially going across resevoir to 1st turn.  Robin found himself shifing gears.  Thermals were gusty and intitial predictions were higher than the actual climbs.  He averaged 3 knots.  Highest altitude, 5000, average 3700.

posted by Leigh


Posted: 4/20/2017


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