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Region 5 North - Day 1 Supper time debrief

It's hard to analyze a contest day when there are 4 classes.  Today was as expected.  The launch commenced at 1pm in this order, FAI, 18M, Sports, and Open.  A smooth process, the operations and tugs really did their thing today.  The 18 and Opens had the same task.  I spoke this evening with FS, Fernando Silva (he was 2nd for the day).  He says the wx. was as predicted.  The key was to leave early.  FS flew by himself and averaged 4 knots climbs and cruised 90-100 knots with max height of 7000.

R9, Roger Buchanan was one of the 9 Open class gliders who were and will always be at the back of the launch line.  By the time of their launch there was some OD, which, according to Roger made him more cautious than usual. That "stuff" cleared out locally after all of the starts.   Roger started at 2:50 and averaged 4 knots to 7000 ft. also.  The last leg for Open class was "tough" according to Roger AND my guy said the same, stopping to work everything on the way home.

Posted by Leigh

Posted: 4/17/2017


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