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Region 5 North - End of day, Sunday practice

We are having internet issues, so be patient....not much to be done on Easter Sunday.  

Today was really good.  The CD says the weatherman had a direct line to the weather gods.  SF, Scott Fletcher, weatherman thinks he was a little heavy (waterwise) but got to 6000 ft.  P8, Skip Pate hasn't flown since New Castle last fall.  He was the last on the grid and left about 3:20, never got low, averaged 3 1/2 to 4 and got a 5 knotter to 6000 ft.   It's 6pm now and my guy says it'll be flyable to 7 pm.  7pm, however is party time!  Welcome dinner tonight at the cookhouse.

Posted by Leigh

Posted: 4/16/2017


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