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Region 4 North - Day 6

We had 8 finishers yesterday after taking only 35 mins to launch the fleet. It was an impressive job by pilots, ground ops and tow pilots. Our thanks go to Val Brain who managed to keep up with all of the tows and relight all week. It is Abigail help to have such a reliable time and tug keeper every day of the contest.

Our CD, Mike Smith, announced the winner in each class with new calibrations using the modified units of kph then furlongs per fortnight then soccer fields per hour. And he could calculate them on the spot!

Weather is forecasted to be not as good as yesterday with shallower boundary layers, reduced climb rates to 1-2k and it will be blue! Then he said "We'll see what happens." Thank you Richard Kellerman for your help all week.

We had four land outs in the 126's while making remarkable cross country flights. 

Karl Striedieck, KS, won the day and the contest in Sports Class with Gregg Leslie, GL, taking second.

Erik Nelson, 5E, won the day in the FAI Class and Baudelaire Litt, LBL, won the contest in that class with Shane Neitzey, XZ, placing second.

John Murray, LX, won the day in 18M and Tim Welles, W3, won the contest with John Seymour, SM, placing second.

Overall it was an impressive achievement that in the very weak conditions we had all week we got a three day contest in all classes. It certainly showed the caliber and good sportsmanship of all of the pilots. As CM I am impressed by the willingness of everyone to help and to offer their assistance at every turn from setting up tables to going on retrieve. Thank you everyone from pilots to crews to M-ASA volunteers.

And a special thank you to Danny Brotto who was our sniffer all week eking out the best conditions possible.

A quilt handmade by Melinda Fuller was raffled and we raised $406 for the US Junior Soaring Team  this is the fifth year Region 4 North has raised a donation for the Juniors in this way  Shane Neitzey from the Skylline Soaring Group in Front Royal, Va was the winner. Thank you Melinda for your wonderful work.

LX: " Best day of whole week."

LBL: " Better than they thought it would be."

5E: " A fun day."


Posted: 10/17/2016


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