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Region 4 North - Day 3

Although we still had relatively weak lift and low altitudes we had more clouds . All classes were sent to York, Union Bridge and return with no land outs. There were no social events planned but many enjoyed the evening around Richard Kellerman's great bonfire.

DG: " Excellent day, I had a lot of fun."

KS: " I did a lot of whistling!"

Ron Schwartz: "Even though I won the day for the 126's, it is hard to pat myself on the back when I only went 20 miles."

AC: I think I have been reborn in soaring. I made my Silver C again today."

SM: I think I got to stall speed today. I got to 3700 ft once.

QT: " Abald eagle saved my bacon by New Oxford. My speed begins with a "2" so I am pleased!"

KS: Winner Sports: "I got low over Hanover at 500ft below release altitude and climbed to 300 ft above. At one point I feared nosebleeds when I got 700 ft above release and thought I could see the curvature of the earth."

W3 Winner 18m: " for the first time this contest I beat stall speed. Had good markers in SM and LBL."

LBL Winner FAI: Technical flight of a LS8 staying with a ASG 29.


Posted: 10/12/2016


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