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Region 4 North - Day 2

All classes were launched into forecasted weak conditions.We had two finishers in each class with everyone having difficulties making minimum distance.

KS:" it was like a terrible yesterday but worse. I spent more time below release altitude than above. My average lift was only 1-2 knots."

QT: "Thought that if I finished the task I'd be the first to do it in single digit speeds."

LX: " It was a hard one."

XZ : " I was shocked I did better than yesterday."

BT: "Good day to smell the manure!"

SM: " when you need it most you need LBL in a thermal two miles away with a bald eagle centering the core."

OO: "Last turn made, Late in the day and very low.

        Watching my shrinking shadow, Circling a dusty combine.

         I will make it home, if I stick with it:

         That's Fairfield in October."


Posted: 10/11/2016


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