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Region 4 North - First Contest Day

Sunny but windy day under the influence of Hurricane Matthew and a cold front approaching from the west. The day was cancelled due to high winds but four ships launched taking high tows attempting to get to wave or ridge.

LBL had the longest flight and was Last Man Down at sunset in time for M-ASA's awesome welcoming dinner.

SM: "Took two hours to reach 6000ft froma 5000ft tow to get to the wave. Best thermal of the day was a 5Kn one at 5:30 PM".

KS: "It was a day where fossil fuel thermals were needed to get to he ridge."

OO took a 3000ft tow and had a good time.

Motor, vans and SUVs parked to block the pavilion from too much wind for our welcoming dinner and we enjoyed the music of David Bargainier. Later guitars were brought out and he was joined by XZ and others. Too windy for a bonfire but a nice night all around. 

Posted: 10/9/2016


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