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Region 4 North - Day 1

All classes were sent to Carroll County then Kampal with a 2 hour minimum for Sports and FAI  and a 2:30 for 18 M. Conditions were weak with sunny blue skies, good visibility and less wind than yesterday.

Only three pilots finished the task with GL and KS in Sports and LX in 18M. Ron Schwartz finished in his 126. He won the day for them at 17mph. He said he did not pass up anything  

KS: "Varied from weak to weaker to weakest. No markers, neither cloud  nor fiberglass. Either character building or character challenging depending on outcome"

SM crew J9: " Slow start taking whatever lift you could find"

XZ: "One bird but he was in cruise."

DW: "Got into wave during my aero retrieve."

LX: " if vario went up at all you took it. Infrastructure did not seem to work at all but then you found it outside of town ."


Posted: 10/10/2016


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