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Region 11 Soar Truckee FAI - Contest Wrap Up

The 2016 edition of the Truckee FAI contest came to a close with a dinner in downtown Truckee attended by most of the contestants and crew.

The CD, CM and several contestants have been flying at Truckee for 25 years and more, and no one could remember a full week in July with weather this bad. Adding insult, the next week is forecast to be a series of easy 1000K days!

Nevertheless, most had fun being forced to fly in the marginal (for Truckee) conditions, several pilots mentioned they learned a lot on these days where they ordinarily would not have flown. Keeping things in perspective, John Cochrane offered his opinion, saying he was from the east coast and this was not bad weather. It wasn’t raining after all, and we were flying in at least 5 knot lift. The average speed of the 1st place finisher on the worst day of these horrible conditions was 63 mph - a speed difficult to reach any day in some flat land contests!

This was the first time that water ballast was handicapped (in previous editions, water was carried without penalty, which put gliders that can be heavily ballasted at an advantage). The wind made the weighing difficult, but no complaints were heard about the fairness of the scheme, and it is likely to be used again in 2017.

There were many retrieves on one day, but no gliders were damaged and no injuries. The line staff did a great job getting the grid organized and launched after an uneven first day. Our thanks to Sergio Colacevich (C2) and Tony Gaechter (1A) for organizing it and to Jan Dreisen and the TTSA Soar Truckee staff for making it run so smoothly. 

We are looking forward to the 2017 edition!

Reported by Jon Fitch (L6)

Posted: 7/24/2016


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