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Region 11 Soar Truckee FAI - Practice Day 2

Forecast was for more wind, weak wave, and weak thermal lift, not the best combination for glider racing. However since the wind is forecast to be with us for several days, the CD set a task to allow those wanting some practice in the conditions. It was everyone’s favorite task: the zero turn point MAT. Not knowing where the wave might be this was the only choice. 

The field was launched in record time with less than 2 minutes from the first hook up to the last launch. The competitor found wave in the Truckee valley, and the gate was opened. 

Jim Alton (5K) won the day, losing only a few points for a 17,500 altitude violation. He also came in last, being the only competitor that chose to brave the conditions. He reported having a pleasant flight with weak wave and at least one strong wave/lee side/eddie/rotor thermal taking him up to 15,000 ft over Gardnerville to get home. His path circumnavigated Lake Tahoe counterclockwise. Part of the in-flight entertainment was the 20 knot sink experienced near Freel Peak No matter how many times you experience it, 20 knot sink is always entertaining. 

Later in the afternoon, an ominous looking stacked lenticular cloud set up over Reno at what we guessed was 30,000 ft. Forecast for tomorrow contains even more wind, with gusts over the ridges predicted to be as high at 70 knots. 

Reported by Jon Fitch (L6)

Posted: 7/19/2016


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