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Region 11 Soar Truckee FAI - Practice Day 1

Truckee’s usual dependably good soaring weather was absent today, no doubt due to scheduling a contest! Dry stable air with no clouds and low altitudes predicted. 

The task committee had to consider wind and low heights expected on the Pine Nuts making a return to Truckee from the south difficult. Therefore the task was chosen as a 2 hour, 165 miles nominal TAT to Topaz International (just beyond Mt. Seigel at the end of the Pine nut range) with a 30 mile cylinder and then Air Sailing with a 20 mile cylinder, since the return from Air Sailing should be easier in these conditions. Large cylinder diameters are used in this FAI handicapped format to allow the faster gliders room to stretch the task and the slower gliders the opportunity to complete it. Conditions encountered on course were generally unmarked but occasionally strong thermals in the 8 knot range, and weak wave in limited areas. Several contestants used wave to climb as high as 17,500 ft for the final glide. 

Bill Gawthrop (F8) was fastest with 178 miles handicapped distance and 72 mph handicapped speed. His raw speed of 86 mph was impressive for a challenging day. He reported using mostly thermal lift for climbs but followed weak wave lines for glides. Steve Koerner (GW) was second at 62 mph handicapped and 71 mph raw speeds. Harry Fox (FH) took third place with 51 mph handicapped and 61 mph raw speed. Two pilots landed out at Dayton and Reno Stead and were aero retrieved. 

Predictions for tomorrow are stronger wind and weaker conditions.

Reported by Jon Fitch (L6)

Posted: 7/18/2016


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